9 Years of Shadows: Can You Play On Linux? – Find Out

Check this out if you want to play 9 Years of Shadows on Linux!

9 Years of Shadows is a side-scrolling Metroidvania that follows the story of Europa, a brave warrior who is determined to conquer Talos and put an end to corruption that robbed the land of color before it swallows the whole world in darkness.

9 Years of Shadows features a rather interesting storyline and good quality graphics that players want to play it across OS. In this article, we will cover Linux support on 9 Years of Shadows.

Can You Play On Linux? – Find Out

From its official game launch, 9 Years of Shadow has garnered very positive reviews on Steam.

Some of its most notable features include satisfying combat, excellent color combination and contrasts in pixel art, compelling storyline with artsy animated cut scenes, and of course, good musical score.

It’s a no-brainer that players want to play the game across different OS. ProtonDB is yet to release its official rating on Linux native support.

This means that the game might need Proton in order for it to run smoothly in Linux.

Steam’s Proton tool was released by Valve Software meant to be integrated with Steam Play to enable Windows games to run on Linux.

According to some comments in the game’s forums, 9 Years of Shadows runs smoothly in Linux with Proton.

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