Core Keeper: Cozy Caverns Update

The Cozy Caverns update is on its way! Core Keeper keeps getting better and better!

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Cozy Keeper is a fantastic little indie game where you can adventure through all sorts of dungeons and areas filled with the most mysterious types of enemies. While not traveling though, you can find yourself a base.

In this new update that we will talk about, the biggest aspect of it is about the building inside your base. Let’s see what the Cozy Caverns Update is all about!

Cozy Caverns Update – Core Keeper

Core Keepers hear hear! There has been lots of news about the new patch that will be released making us as hyped as ever! The new content that is coming out should be somewhere in September and in just two short weeks!

This new update that is coming out will be based around mostly on the decorative items that you can use and place inside your base. This way you can liven up your house from the boring plain objects from here.

Here we have some sneak peeks that we have been able to get for having a little test of what to expect in the future.

As you can see from this sneak peek it is saying that is coming out on the September 14th.  As we can see there are multiple new items that can show us just how much we can expect from this new update in terms of decorative items.

We can see some new stools, golden tables, some dressers that you can feature items on there, and much more!

In this second picture, we are seeing a whole lot more. First of all notice the chests on the left! We can paint chests, we can place lots of decorative tables and stools around and actually play with their colors and such.

There is a new nightstand inside the house. There is also a couch inside and much more.

This new update will be amazing giving Cozy Caverns a breath of fresh air. Something that it certainly needed and it much welcome. The new paintings on the wall are definitely my favorite!

That is it! We hope that his guide has given you the information you wanted about the new upcoming patch that is coming out on the September 14th. Good luck waiting for the day to come!

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