Check out the newest roadmap for Core Keeper. The Desert of Beginnings is finally here!

Core Keeper continues on with various updates and is currently on the way with the newest update called The Desert of Beginnings. This new map will feature new content such as monsters, bosses, loot, and many more interesting things for you to do!

This is everything you need to know about the Desert of Beginnings roadmap for Core Keeper.

Desert of Beginnings Announcement – Core Keeper

This brand new announcement will become an official act of Core Keeper in 2023. Currently the players are awaiting the Sunken Sea Update to become fully released in September with a mini-update.

The Desert of Beginnings update will have a ton of interesting stuff such as:

  • Brand new Biome & Sub-Biome
  • New Boss (Ra-AKAR The Sand Titan)
  • New Boss (IGNEOUS The Molten Mass)
  • Brand new enemies
  • Galaxite materials
  • New Vehicle

One of the best and most interesting things that caught the eye of the community was the brand new vehicle that will be added to Core Keeper. This will be a great feature to the game to move around the map much easier.

This vehicle will also be needed as the map is going to be very large once the new biome and sub-biome are going to be added.

The Desert of Beginnings will take place in the early access version of Core Keeper in November.

In November we will get to see how the new boss will look like and all of his features, as well as the rewards you are going to get from him.

IGNEOUS the molten mass boss will most likely be a slime boss with a different color than the other MASS bosses.

So stay tuned to see what next will be added to Core Keeper! I’m Excited for sure.

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