Check out this discord to get a shot at obtaining your collectible in-game item.

Core Keeper has a ton of interesting collectible items that you can obtain by winning challenges and earning rewards. Some items are harder to get than others. Item trading is possible in the game, this method will help out different players trade items that don’t need and gain some new ones to complete their collection.

Check out the latest news on the Core Keeper discord in-game item trading method.

Core Keeper: Discord In-Game Item Trading Center

A known YouTuber by the name of “Serroh” who constantly uploads videos of Core Keeper and is a great fan and lover of the game has decided to open a discord server and invite each and every one of you to trade items and complete your collections!

This discord server is ONLY used for trading in-game items between players, in real life money will not be included at all. Anyone who will try to trade items for real-life money will get a punishment from the server.

The link for the discord invite is

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