Check out the latest updates for Core Keeper!

Core Keeper is a 2D retro-based game that allows the player to explore different biomes, face off against various bosses and earn rewards on each kill. Your duty is to protect the core and make the strongest base possible. There have been updates that the game will have a new biome, tools, and upcoming dedicated servers!

Check out the latest news about the recent update in Core Keeper!

Core Keeper: Latest Update News (New Biome, Tools, Dedicated Servers)

Dedicated Servers are now available in Core Keeper. You are now able to join a new game and start playing along with your friends or random players.

Players are able to host a server and have fun together.

Repairing has gotten much simpler, players no longer need to collect specific repairing items, the developers have removed that feature and re-added Scrap Parts. Simply have a stack of Scrap Parts and repair anything you like.

Shovels have received digging damage. Meaning that it will take much faster for shovels to dig up certain areas.

A Scarlet Hoe and a Scarlet Shovel can now be crafted in the Scarlet Workbench. The Scarlet Sword is now also craftable in the Scarlet Workbench.

Fishing rods are now indestructible!

New Biome

There is also a patch note that says that there will be a new Biome that will be live on June 1st, 2022.

The Biome will be called “The Sunken Sea”, which will feature large bodies of water and islands.

Here are the following updates that will come along with the new biome:

  • New Sub-Biome
  • New Titan Boss
  • 4 New Enemies
  • New Type of Ore
  • New Gear and Weapons
  • New Legendary Weapon
  • New Fish
  • New Plants
  • New Food
  • Teleporters
  • Boats
  • New Base-Building Items
  • Sprinklers
  • New Tier of Jewelry Workbench
  • New Valuables
  • Map Markers

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