Core Keeper: On What Platform is it Available?

Check out this guide to see on which platform you can play Core Keeper!

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Core Keeper is an amazing retro 2D game that will allow you to explore different biomes, face off against incredible bosses, and even allow you to meet other villagers which will help you get stronger in this game. Core Keeper currently is in Early Access, which means that some players are not sure if the game is available on their device.

This guide will show you on which platform you are able to play Core Keeper.

Core Keeper: On What Platform is it Available?

With Core Keeper being in early access and available through Steam, the game currently only operates on PC. A great part about this is that the game can be compatible with:

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows

And you can obtain it through Steam easily.

Currently, there is no information if the game will be available for PS4/5 or even the Xbox series.

The game is performing amazingly and is getting positive feedback all the time. With all the current updates incoming, there may be an update for PS4/5 and Xbox console players sometime in the future.

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