Check out this guide to find out if you can invert your X/Y mouse Axis in CROWZ!

CROWZ is a BR shooter game where you must fight against other opponents and win battles. The last one alive standing is always the winner. In these shooter games, your aim must be perfect if you want to have a good score and win games more often. Some players actually use the inverted X/Y axis on their mouse to have better performance.

This guide will show you is you can invert your X/Y mouse Axis in CROWZ!

Can you Invert Mouse X/Y Axis? (Find Out) – CROWZ

At the moment there is currently no option where you can invert your Mouse X/Y axis. Many players have complained about this situation on the CROWZ forums and the steam community forums as well.

A good thing to know is that developers have been quick with their responses and have promised players that in the very near future they will add this option.

Soon enough, players will be able to invert their Mouse X/Y axis and perform much better in CROWZ!

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