Diablo Immortal: Is it Pay to Win?

Is Diablo Immortal Pay to Win?

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Diablo Immortal is the newest release from Blizzard and offers the community by far the best gameplay experience possible. Although the game is good, a lot of people are saying that the game is pay to win and requires money to become strong.

Check out the latest news and find out if Diablo Immortal is Pay to Win!

Diablo Immortal: Is it Pay to Win?

A great thing is that the game is Free To Play.Playing the game normally for equipment progression and completing the story will not require any money at all.

But when it comes to playing on a server and trying to reach the highest rank possible. Money will need to be included. It’s possible but hard to reach the higher ranks, but there will always be someone who is going to be number 1 on the rank list that’s paid a lot of money.

One of the top Twitch Streamers “Asmongold” has stated that Diablo Immortal is 200% pay-to-win.

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