Christmas is coming to toown! Check out the newest Christmas items for Dinkum!

Dinkin has recently been upgraded with some very cool new items with the Christmas spirit by Santa himself. There are a couple of them that are really cool and you should get them for your world.

In this guide, we shall be giving you a total list of what they are. Let’s get started.

New Christmas Items Update News in Dinkim

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There are a couple of new things that come in the Christmas update with the cool-looking summer Santa. These here are the items that you can get from the list that he will give you:

  • Festive Crate
  • Mini Festive Tree
  • Festive Tree
  • Fireplace
  • Festive Tower
  • Festive Umbrella
  • Festive Boom Box
  • Festive Jackaroo
  • Festive Scarecrow
  • Gingerbread Path
  • Festive Fence

Those are all the new items that you can get if you play Dinkin in the new Christmas update. Have fun messing around with them!

We hope that this guide has given you what you were looking for in terms of the new Christmas Items recently added. Happy holidays!

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