Dying Light 2: Changes and New Items Update 1.6

Want to know what are the newest changes in the 1.6 update for Dying Light 2? Check it out!

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Dying Light 2 has just received a very big update that is making all of its players very excited and thrilled! It adds a lot of community events stuff, character, weapons, and much more!

In this guide, we will be going over the most important things that got added with 1.6. Let’s get started.

Changes and New Items Update 1.6 – Dying Light 2

There has been a new Agent included in the game. Her name is Shen Xiu.

She used to place all of those chests in the world because she is an expert with long-range weapons. She is also a member of the Hunters, a mysterious group of skilled hunters whose job is to find and kill the most dangerous Infected. She had to go all the way to the City to catch her latest target.

There are a lot of new enemies that have been added to the game. The biggest one is Hag.

She is a very quick and agile enemy who is hard to hit up close and can easily catch you by surprise. Even sunlight or UV light won’t hurt the Hag, so you need to change your strategy. If she hits a human she will turn them into Plaugebearers.

Pleaguebearers look almost exactly like normal people, and your Survivor Sense is the only way to tell them apart. When they die, they’ll let out a poisonous fog that can turn any human enemies around them into Infected right away.

You will get new weapons like the Ballista Bow or the Crossbow. The biggest and most exciting weapon is the new Katana Chinorashi! Also, the Basher perk has been upgraded for any melee lovers out there.

There have been a whole ton of new Bounties for you to explore! They will bring more tasks as well as more rewards than before!

There have been a lot of Gameplay Updates as well. The biggest one of these fixes is the glitch that didn’t allow you to finish the game. There are some Co-Op fixes, as well as UI and Technical Updates for the game to make it seem more polished.

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