Dying Light 2: New Agent Revealed In Chapter 2

Dying Light 2 introduces a new Agent in Chapter 2! Check it out!

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The second Chapter of Dying Light 2, entitled “A Huntress and a Hag” will be launching in a couple of weeks together with Update 1.5. It includes a new episode “At the Fish Eye” which also includes the new agent Shen Xiu aka The Huntress.

In this news letter, you can find everything about the New Agent in Chapter 2 in Dying Light 2!

Dying Light 2: New Agent Revealed In Chapter 2

The second chapter in Dying Light 2, A Huntress and a Hag is referring to the new agent called Shen Xiu, and based on the picture that is shown by the developers, looks like she is some type of archery, type of Vendor, which is going to be absolutely amazing.

The details about this new agent are quite a few but she is known to be an extremely proficient tracker and archery expert.

Knowing that she is some type of archery, we are going to get some kind of bow, hopefully, it is a crossbow as it is shown in the image.

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