Dying Light 2: New Leaked Content

Check out the newest leaked content for Dying Light 2!

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Dying Light 2 continues to produce amazing updates and give the players what they want. Some of the developers in Techland have managed to leak some new content about Hives in the game. The hives in the game will definitely be helpful for all players once they begin clearing them out!

These are the latest news about the most recent leaks for Dying Light 2.

New Leaked Content – Dying Light 2

The hives in Dying Light 2 have been mentioned many times but got removed.

Hives are basically marked lands which are commonly buildings. They are marked with blood, which indicates that there is a hive inside and it should be removed ASAP.

Once a hive is destroyed, it will reduce the number of infected monsters nearby. This is great if you want to permanently clear out a bunch of areas where you can freely move.

Inside each building, you will find red orbs which are called “Gnarls” that you need to destroy. They are the core orbs which reduce the number of infected upon being destroyed.

After a hive has been cleared out you will notice that all the shops have been improved in that area. Traders now will have better and higher quality items to sell to you.

Nothing yet is official about these hives, there has been a positive feedback about the latest leak about hives in Dying Light 2!

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