Check out the newest Dying Light 2 updates that are going to be available soon! Don’t miss out!

Dying Light 2 is slowly becoming better and better and the popularity keeps on becoming bigger. With a bigger communication, the developers continuously adding more content which will be available soon for everyone!

This guide will show you the newest updates for Dying Light 2!

Newest 1.4.2 Update Information – Dying Light 2

With the latest update that’s been added to the game, players have encountered various ridiculous bugs that stopped them from having fun and just made the game overall be boring for many.

Fast Travel

The Fast Travel bug has been common amongst everyone, you were limited on your fast travels due to the time of the game. You were only able to fast travel at a specific time, now players are able to use the fast travel feature whenever they want.

Game Stability & Crashes

There have been many moves that players were performing that could crash their game over and over again. The crash was most commonly happening when players were using the stab follow-up skills.

The game stability has also been improved and it’s been confirmed that the number of crashes that this game has been getting has been reduced by a lot.

Tyrant Volatiles

Tyrnat Volatiles are meant to be strong enemies that do a ton of damage and are hard to kill. With new items being added to the game and players keep getting stronger and stronger, the Tyrant Volatiles have become a joke to many players.

That’s why these monsters have now been buffed and gotten much stronger.

Infected Changes

The Special infected have now received better resistance which won’t change much to be honest, just have a muscle booster for them and it won’t be a problem at all.

Also, special infected with orange markers will now drop Mutation Samples.

Outfits & Achievements

The Outfits that you’ve obtained from Chapter 1 will now transfer to New Game+, which won’t require you to redeem them over and over again.

Two achievements can now also be obtained properly without any issues, they are:

  • Find Anything Interesting?
  • Street Art Aficionado

So far these have been some of the recent updates and changes that were added in the 1.4.2 update for Dying Light 2. Much more will be available as time goes on!

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