Check out the Working & Not Working Glitches After 1.3.0 Update in Dying Light 2!

Techland has launched yet another major update for Dying Light 2 (Version 1.3.0). This particular patch is one of the most notable since its release this year. This is significant because the update includes a number of widely sought features. This update to Dying Light 2 focuses on fixing a lot of co-op issues and delivering completely new, endgame content awaited by the community.

In this guide, we will show you Working & Not Working Glitches After 1.3.0 Update!

Dying Light 2: Working & Not Working Glitches After 1.3.0 Update

Multiplayer Dupe Glitch

First is the multilayer duplication glitch. There were two different methods for this. The way that Pick Up method works is that you or your friend drop an item on the ground, and doesn’t matter what item, it can be duped.

Once the item is on the ground, you both need to pick it up at the same time. This can take a few tries and it really helps if you have a microphone while you’re doing this.

Depending on the items, sometimes you can hear the sound of it being picked up twice, and it kind of confirms that it did work.

You can do this method until you reach the limit of your stock items.

Vendor Reset Glitch

Next, we have the Vendor reset glitch. One thing that is important for this glitch is that you need to have access to the bazaar because this is the only place that it works.

If you gave the water tower to the PKs at the beginning of the game this will be no longer possible for you. You will have to start a new game from the beginning and give the water tower to the survivors.

All you need to do is just go to the Craftmaster and buy all of the crafting materials until there is nothing left.

Once you are done with the Craftmaster, go to the Vendor on the opposite site just to check what type of weapons he has.

Now, all you need to do is just head out the door that’s right next to the vendors and just go outside. Go directly to the door where you are using the area to sleep to reset the vendors, but instead of sleeping, just open the door, get inside and come out at the same time.

Once you are done with this method, run back to the Vendors where you will see that they have new reset items.

Extra Tab Duplication Glitch

This one is where you go to your stash and you can duplicate any of the weapons or items you can collect in your extras tab. It doesn’t work for the outfits and stuff like that because they are just cosmetic changes.

All you want to do is go back to your inventory tab, install it in the stash and just hover over the first item, and hit move and tab over your extras tab at the same time. It may take you some time until you get the right timing doing this method.

Once it’s successful, you will get a message and the item icon will appear on your screen to let you know what you have collected (duplicated).

Doom Gun/Broom/Hoverboard

If you have these items in your inventory even before the patch, don’t put them in your stash whatsoever, because if you put in your stash it will disappear.

You can get your Doom Gun and find some zombie to check that it still works.

Broomstick also works, but you have to reach the central loop and gain access to the paraglider. It is the same as it was before.

If you want to get off the broom, you have to switch to a different accessory, get off the broom and then pull out your paraglider.

For the Hoverboard, also works, you just have to equip it and start to roam around.

Patched – Blue Crystal Glitch

This is a glitch that doesn’t work anymore. It was basically where you drain the city at the end of the game and you’d go to a certain place and there’d be special zombies that run around and if you could hit them infinite amounts of times, they would every time you hit them, drop blue crystals.

Unfortunately, that one has been patched and no longer works.

Patched – Solo Duplication Glitch

Another glitch that no longer works is the solo duplication glitch.

Before you could have two stacks of an item and move it back and forth in your stash, always moving the smaller stack and it would just duplicate the items.

Patched – Bolt Duplication Glitch

This is the last glitch that doesn’t work anymore.

The way that one worked was basically you take your PK Crossbow, put it in your stash and then take it out of your stash. What happens it will give you an extra crossbow bolt and also drop one on the ground, so you’d get double the amount of bolts.

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