Dying Light: Definitive Edition Announced

Finally, we are now available to access the definitive edition in Dying Light!

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We all know that every upgrade means we have more abilities and the playing gives more enjoyable moments and high-quality pictures. Today 10 June is the final announcement of the definitive edition of Dying Light. Learn more about it from this article!

Dying Light: Definitive Edition Announced

Techland has announced that thanks to the while support for Dying Light are coming to an end, there are a huge number of updates and DLCs released, that will increase the number of players and made the old ones return and play the game.

They have directly pointed out the changes in the base game and to all of the 26 DLCs. This means that everything that was a part of the first edition will again be available, this time upgraded.

Also, a 70% discount is offered and will be available on PC, PlayStations and Xbox.

 It’s good to know that if you already own the platinum edition of the game, you will automatically be upgraded to the definitive edition FOR FREE.

Studios are releasing one last free DLC- Haran Tactical Unit Bundle for two weeks from today. That means that as soon as the definitive edition comes out you will be able to get it.

This edition will be especially loved by the nostalgic ones, that have enjoyed the first Dying Light Edition because it will be all connected and great to play.

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