Escape From Tarkov: NEW Lightkeeper Trader Added

Know more about the new Lightkeeper trader in Escape From Tarkov in this guide!

Escape from Tarkov is getting an update that includes a new trader, the Lightkeeper! Set in Norvinsk, a place where a war between two (2) private military companies is taking place, players in Escape from Tarkov join matches called raids where they fight other players and bots for loot to survive and escape.

The loot collected by players during raids can be sold to traders in the game. So, for this guide, we will talk about what we know of the new in-game trader, the Lightkeeper.

NEW Lightkeeper Trader Added – Escape From Tarkov

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Who is Lightkeeper? Here’s what we know so far.

Lightkeeper or Farit Akhmadullovich Genatulin is an upcoming trader in Escape from Tarkov that can be found in the Lighthouse.He is a radio and naval electronic devices specialist and is the current Tarkov Lighthouse warden.

Lightkeeper is coming with a new boss called Zryachiy Aka Antlerman. Players are speculating that in order to gain access to Lightkeeper, they will need to defeat Zryachiy first.

Some also say that players may need to collect a couple of rare items before they can access Lightkeeper.

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