Get on your platforms, it is time to play HAWKED.

HAWKED is an amazing Battle Royale filled with a bunch of things that you can do in each match. The game has been made for players to enjoy online and fight each other in a map whose zone closes over time and there will only be one team remaining.

Today, you will see if HAWKED can be played in Crossplay mode.

Is There Crossplay? – Answered: HAWKED

Basically, Crossplay mode is where players can join a single match but they are playing from different platforms.

Some will play from a PC, and others will use consoles such as PlayStation4 or 5.

Lucky for you, Crossplay is available in HAWKED and players from all different platforms can join together and start a match.

This feature has been added so that players can find matches much faster and have fun a lot more. The community is a lot bigger once everyone is gathered together.

HAWKED can be played on the following platforms:

  • PC
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5

It was stated that HAWKED will be Crossplay only in Open Beta until September 1st but right now on the full release, they are also supporting this matchmaking.

In the near future, the Xbox platform should be added in this list because it is also a controller that you can use similar to the PlayStation controller. Just a few mappings in the controls need to be made.

Anyway, I hope this guide informed you well about HAWKED and if it can be played in Crossplay mode. Stay tuned for more!


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