Looking for some new games to add to your game list? Indie Games have prepared 5 new games for you that will be revealed in August 2022!

More excitement, fun and action in your gaming list. All of these 5 new games have separate and different enjoyment prepared for you. The following month will be really full of other different games as well so prepare yourself and get ready to play. In the following text, you’ll be able to see the 5 newest Indie games prepared for August 2022. 

5 Newest Indie Games for August 2022 – Indie Games

1. Frogun

This is a new 3D platformer game that will take you back and remind you of what the first PlayStation games looked like.

All in little squares and cool pictures, need to collect items, solve puzzles, travel through levels and dimensions and fight the enemies as well. Simple as that but exciting. Can’t wait to play it!

On 2 August you’ll be able to try this game on the switch, Xbox, PlayStation 4 & 5 and PC

2. Cult of the Lamb

You’ll be now able to lead your cult and design your base like you imagined when you were a kid.

Really interesting characters and tasks will be above you. You’ll be challenged to select the right combinations of the combining elements to build your character’s cult and town.

This game will be available in middle August, right on August 11. You can play it on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS, or PC.

3. Cursed To Golf

This one will be a great match for all golf lovers!

You’ll be challenged to golf your way out and win the game. You need to know which center to choose and how to transfer the ball.

This 2D golf game will be released on August 18 for PC, PS 4 & 5, and Xbox.

4. Midnight Fight Express

Time to add some action to your game list!

All in one town, separated in different rooms and assassins above you. You’ll need to be fast and well-planned when you play this game because that is the only way to dominate here.

You’ll be able to play this game at the end of August – the 23rd of August!

5. Inscryption

This game is made special for PS 4 & 5. The end of August will be memorized because of this game and get ready to play it on the 30th of August.

The scary, intriguing and mysterious game will keep up your adrenaline the whole time during the play.

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