Get Ready! July 2022, you’ll be able to play the latest Indie Games and this article will help you choose your favorite one.

In the upcoming month, there will be several Indie games that are really promising. In the following text, you can see the list of games that may fit your game taste. I am as well really excited and can’t wait to try most of them. Hope you find the perfect fill-up on your game list. Enjoy!

Let’s see some of the Upcoming Indie Games for July 2022.

July 2022 Upcoming Games – Indie Games

1. Loopmancer

A really cool action game that will give you a rollercoaster of events and great achievements. This game will feature seven levels that will have different creatures included to fight the opposite site.

You’ll have the chance to start all over again after losing your fights.

On July 13th be ready to have extra excitement with this new Indie game.

2. Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition

Time to solve some puzzles!

This game will be released on 12 July 2022, it looks like a really easy-going game that will give your brain a relaxing treatment, especially if you enjoy solving puzzles.

3. Immortal Tactics

A tactical strategy game that has new creatures included that look really cool.

You’ll have the full control and ability to plan each action for the aim you want to accomplish and all of your movements will have their unique look as well.

4. Hazel Sky

Ready to have some tropical adventures?

Well, you must give a try to this game because you’ll be able to play in such a good-looking place called Flying Island.

Many quests, different tasks and things that need to be done all by yourself because is a single-player game and to become an engineer.

5. Escape Academy

This game will be released on the 14 of July. Various activities inspections, collecting items and other interesting will help you pass all of the risks this game included.

One thing that I am sure I will like this game for, is the freaky elements put in several different areas. You’ll never know what’s coming up next in this game.

6. Immortality

A retrospective game that will try to match the characters in it and explain immortality as a state and will try to convince you that all of that is happening.

The realistic event, photos and characters will for sure mess up your thoughts.

7. Ex-Zodiac

Action game, filled up with shooting, flying and special movements that will for sure keep you up all the whole time while playing.

What’s really cool, are the colors are matching and the whole playing area looks like you’re in a cartoon.

There is not much info about this game, except there are more than 10 levels for you to fight in and some exciting bonus levels.

8. Sweet Transit

The end of July will be filled with sweetness. By that, I mean Sweet Transit will be released on July 28th and you can build your own sweet train construction to keep the transit in your area.

Building and creative-oriented game that will open up your hand to express your engineering capability.

9. Moonrise Fall

This game is a perfect match for those who want to explore and solve puzzles as well. The combination of these can be very interesting in most situations.

Weird elements, tools, items and characters as well, all that in one place on your responsibility to take care of.

10. Stray

Cat lovers don’t be worried you’ll be able to play this game from the 19th of July.

3D perspective, great pictures, creepy areas and many elements above you to explore and pass, all that while you’re in cat shoes.

 In the middle game, you’ll be able to meet your robot friend that will join your underground journey and will for sure support you to go against all difficulties.

11. Time On Frog Island

 One more adventure game this time in is filled with frogs and will be released on July 12.

You’ll have really exciting and different moments, there is also weather change extra characters and creatures which makes this game funnier than actually is.

All of these things will be on you to take care of. Building and maintaining the Frog Island will for sure become an obsession to you if we take the fact of the level of adorableness this game has.

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