Tired of the Mini-Games in Lost in Play? Check out this guide to see if you can skip them!

Lost in Play is an amazing adventurous game filled with childhood imagination and puzzles filled with different colorful characters. In this game, you will explore various lands and complete different objectives. On your journey, you will get to experience some of the most wonderful animations and challenges against different opponents.

In this guide, you will get to see if you are able to skip the Mini-Games in Lost in Play!

Can you Skip Mini-Games? (Find Out!) – Lost in Play

Mini-Games in this Lost in Play are pretty common and players have found it difficult sometimes to solve some of them if they want to continue progressing through the game.

Unfortunately, mini-games at the moment cannot be skipped and it is a MUST that you complete them if you want to continue progressing through the game and get to the end of the story.

One of the most challenging mini-games in Lost in Play is definitely the crab mini-game where you need to have a straight row of 4 crabs and defeat your opponent.

As time passes by, developers will surely figure out a solution to this issue and allow mini-games to be skippable, just so that the game can be more enjoyable!

Until then, you can freely surf around the internet and find the solution to all of these mini-games to successfully complete the game!

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