Want to know how long it would take you to complete Lost in Play? Check out this guide to find out!

Lost in Play is an amazing adventurous game filled with childhood imagination and puzzles filled with different colorful characters. In this game, you will explore various lands and complete different objectives. On your journey, you will get to experience some of the most wonderful animations and challenges against different opponents.

In this guide, you will get to see how long it would take you to fully complete Lost in Play.

How Long Does it Take to Complete? (Find Out!) – Lost in Play

The game consists of 15 chapters and the game length really depends on how fast you are completing the game. If you solve the puzzles quite fast and don’t wander around the map, you could complete the game in around 5 hours.

The time-consuming part is all of the mini-games. Once you’ve found the quickest way in completing all of these mini-games, you may eventually finish it in less than 5 hours.

Many players have given positive feedback about the game and believe that a good game like this deserves to have more content.

We will see in the future if developers will change their minds and update the game to have more than 15 chapters.

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