My Time At Sandrock: Multiplayer Announced

Are you ready for the Multiplayer option on My Time At Sandrock?

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My Time at Sandrock is a complex builder game that will require you to make different choices for specific situations. Sometimes these choices will not work out as planned and you may end up in a messy situation. Before starting the game, its best to know some things that you should avoid as you progress through it. Developers have announced multiplayer!

Check out the latest news on the Multiplayer Mode for My Time at Sandrock!

My Time At Sandrock: Multiplayer Announced

2022 is going to be the year where the multiplayer option will be added to My Time At Sandrock so get ready to have some extra fun with your friends.

However, it’s normal that they are preparing tests in a different time period with different numbers of people that will be privileged to try it.

The first demo test will be released in August 2022, and only a specific number of players will be available to try this multiplayer stage. This is normal as the developers are not trying to make a stress-test for now and want to keep the servers alive.

Don’t worry because one month from the first demo restricted test there will be the first Global test for this game.

The second one will be in October and after that, there will be some time reserved for the final fixes and the multiplayer option will be available for all players.

Beliefs are that by the end of this year there will be a final multiplayer designed option.

Be prepared for something different with another storyline that can be played in a group maximum of 4 people which can bring you an incredible experience.

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