Outward Definitive Edition: 10 Newest Changes to the Game

Check out some of the newest changes that have been added to Outward Definitive Edition!

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Outward Definitive Edition is an amazing role-playing game that has recently gained a lot of popularity due to its content. The game has received a lot of interesting updates and brand new features that players can now enjoy.

Here are some of the newest changes that have been added to Outward Definitive Edition.

10 Newest Changes to the Game – Outward Definitive Edition

Blacksmith Crafting

The time of the blacksmith crafting has been reduced from 3 days to 1 day. You just need to wait a full 24 hour cycle in order for an armor piece to be crafted.

Hobo Tent

These Hobo Tents have allowed players to position themselves in any area and provide the essentials such as an alchemy kit, cooking pot, and even extra gear.

Before the update, you could have had a hobo camp as long as you want. The timer of a hobo camp now is limited and lasts up to 7 days.

Armor Upgrades

Armor sets have now received additional buffs. This gives the players an opportunity to play with heavy armor much more and almost never get knocked down.

More Corruption

Corruption was a plague that was only located at the Antique Plateau region. With it being in smaller areas, people did not mind it at all. Corruption now is added to many places, mostly where the scourge live.

This has been made purposely to make sure players will be careful where they plan their next move.

New Mini-Bosses

Most caves and areas where you expect a group of mobs to appear now have an additional mini-boss. These Mini-Bosses are unique from each other and are challenging to beat.

This will make caves more interesting and challenging. Before the recent update, caves have been easy to pass and kind of boring.

Silver Exploit in Vendeval Fortress

In this fortress, you were previously able to do an exploit and earn a ton of silver, that exploit has been fixed, NPC will also not speak with you if you defeat guards inside the fortress.

William of the Wisp Quest

There has been a brand new quest added to this game where you must die in a specific dungeon in order to begin it.

Completing this quest will grant you a shield that you can use which has a unique look, but also powerful with cool abilities.

New Diseases

Now there have been some diseases added that can de-buff your character and make him weaker. Some of these weaknesses are:

  • Hive Infestation (Status Effect Resistance -15% to -30%) (Health Burn Rate +100% to +200%) (Stamina Burn Rate +100% to +200%)
  • Leywilt (+40% to +20% Mana Costs) (+6 to +3 Barrier)
  • Meeka Fever (Weather Protection -10 to -15) (Thirst deplete rate +100% to +200%)
  • The Hunch (Physical Damage Bonus -15%) (Physical Resistance Bonus 0 to -15%)

Mana Train

The Mana Train is a train that previously took you to random areas while you were on quests. Those areas were specific to the quest that you currently have taken. You can now choose the location that you like by going to the mana train and selecting the wanted option.

New Pets

There have been 2 new pets added to the game, you can access these pets by opening up the “Cosmetics” tab. You can get these pets by killing the Liches in the Hollowed Marsh.

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