Time to see what Outward Definitive Edition has brought to the community again! Check out the latest updates to see all 8 new changes added to the game.

Outward Definitive Edition keeps on surprising the community by adding more and more content for the game. With the latest DLC released, players have been happy with the updates that they’ve received. But the developers have managed to see more complaints and enhance the game even better.

These are the 8 newest changes that were added to Outward Definitive Edition!

8 Newest Changes Added to the Game – Outward Definitive Edition

Title Screen

In the past, there was only one single title screen that you were able to see in Outward: Definitive Edition. The developers have added multiple title screens that randomly change whenever you load up your main menu.


More cosmetic options have been added to the character creation menu. With these cosmetics, you can now add different hair styles, face styles. The overall face changes in the game have been updated and gotten much better.

Stash Chests

In outward, you can purchase houses in the towns after you’ve completed your faction quests. In the previous version, each chest had a location and you would have to run to that chest to get a specific item that you have stored there.

Now, all the stash chests are connected with each other and you can get any loot wherever you are.


Enchanting now is much easier than before. You can now enchant bad items and turn them into godly pieces of equipment, depending on the enchant slots.

You can now purchase enchants and enchantment tables in every region. With this method, you can now easily get your hands on a couple of enchants and be stronger ASAP.

Food Rots Faster

Food items in this game are godly if you know what you are doing with your cooking skill. The food in this game was rotting if you leave it after some time.

In the latest update, the developers have made sure that the food can rot much quicker and with that it will make the food items not to be as overpowered as they were.

A small problem that is still in the game is that you can stop food from rotting by throwing it on the ground.

Improved Loot Drops

Breaking simple objects and junk can now get you amazing loot. You simply get more loot by looting almost every small area. This has made sure that the smaller caves have a good play in the game.

Players can now explore more areas if they are in need for more materials and obtain them easily.

Text Size

The small dialog boxes that open up when you speak with NPCs were a problem for many players due to the font of the text being small. Some players who have bad eyesight were complaining that it was hard to read the letters in the boxes.

Health Bar Flashes

When you attack mobs, their health bar flashes now. The color of the flash will represent you how much damage you deal to them.

All of the monsters in this game take different amount of damage, depending on what you attack them with. This is a good indicator to see what weapon of choice is good or bad for fighting against a certain species.

Red Flash – The enemy cannot resist that damage easily.

White Flash – The enemy can resist that damage easily.

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