Check out this guide to find out Will Demo Progress be Transferred to Main Game in Roadwarden!

Roadwarden is an illustrated text-based RPG that uses isometric pixel art and combines mechanics from RPGs, Visual Novels, adventure games, and interactive fiction, such as inventory puzzles, dialogue choices, character abilities, growth, and hit points.

Let’s find out if the Demo Progress will be transferred to the main game.

Will Demo Progress be Transferred to Main Game? (Find Out!) – Roadwarden

Roadwarden is a fantastic little game that is making us excited for the release date. A lot of players have been checking it out and playing the Demo and having a lot of fun.

The question then comes, will the Demo Progress be transferred to the main game?

-To say with certainty it is not possible because we have no actual news of the sort. But we have managed to find some words from the developers. This is what the devs said about it:

‘I checked with the team, and I would want to make sure that you are aware that we are still working on the full-release game, refining and fine-tuning it as we talk and right up until it is released. Because of this, it is very doubtful that savegames will be able to be carried over.

There are no guarantees, but we will investigate what can be accomplished. Keep an eye out.’

As you can see yourself the question mark will still stay. So if you’re a user of the Demo and are hoping that it will get crossed over, hop on over to the steam forums and let your voice be heard!

We hope that this guide has cleared out some questions that you might have had about the Demo progress in Roadwarden. If we find something more we will be the first to let you know!

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