Check out the official release date for Slime Rancher 2! Game has been officially anounced!

Slime Rancher 2 has been keeping many secrets from their players. One of the biggest secret was the release date for the game itself. Many leaks have been sent out through social media about the game and some of the new features that it will have. The release date has finally been given to everyone.

Check out the latest news about the official announced release date about Slime Rancher 2!

Confirmed Release Date! – Slime Rancher 2

This official release date for the early access Slime Rancher 2 will be September 22nd 2022. This is a really interesting date as the developer of Slime Rancher 2 Nick Popovich has made a tweet about the game being released sometime in Fall.

After some time, Nick Popvich has made another tweet that reveals the release date of Slime Rancher 2. The tweet stated:

  • “I guess when we said this fall we meant the very first day of fall”

Get ready for some amazing Slime Rancher 2 adventures in just a few weeks. This early access version will be amazing and developers cannot wait to see how their community will react about the game.

NOTE that many things will be fixed in this game as it’s still in early access and it will receive many updates!

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