Check This guide and learn more about the New Strange Diamond in Slime Rancher2!

Are you ready to see the new updates in Slime Rancher2? Well despite the different designs they have also changed the look of the areas, slimes, foods, and have included interesting summer pictures with slime-eating watermelon, and what’s most important and the reason why this article is written. There is a NEW Strange DIAMOND revealed as well. Check this article and learn more about this new worth-having piece in Slime Rancher2.

New Strange Diamond Revealed – Slime Rancher 2

You can find this diamond in the next area:

It’s good to know what this diamond looks like because most of the time all the players are missing it and won’t take it.

If you get this diamond you can make the following recipes:


  • Shady Fashion Pod 2
  • Serious Fashion Pod 2
  • Royal Fashion Pod 2
  • Scuba Fashion Pod 1

Wrap Tech: 

  • Any Teleporter 1


  • Chicken Cloner 1


  • None

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