Slime Rancher2: New Type Of Leaked Food

This article will help you learn more about one new type of Leaked Food in Slime Rancher2.

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As we know there were some extra changes in the slime looks, labs and areas in Slime Rancher2 that have increased this game’s popularity. Despite the really cute slimes and food types included in the game, there is a new food type that you can find next to the water areas and other specific places as well.

Learn more about this new type of leaked food, how it looks and how to get it.

New Type Of Leaked Food – Slime Rancher 2

There is various type of fruits and vegetables that can be found in this edit of Slime Rancher2.

They all look really cute and adorable which will make you feel like you really want a bite.

After doing some research and playing in that area in which I discover this type now I can tell that this leaked food type looks like the purple water cabbage, but even more, like some weird type of broccoli or just something that’s purple and in round crumpled form.

Purple center and green leaves around, this is something unseen in this game until now and looks cool.

It can be found in the batty slimes areas or sometimes next to the purple water lettuce. Enjoy getting this new type of food and I hope it will help you increase your energy level.

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