The Lost Village: Will There Be English Translation? – Find Out!

Know more about The Lost Village and whether there will be an English translation in this guide.

The Lost Village is a new 3D sim game where you build a village on a mountain as the son of a former Master. In this game, you will lead your followers to become the best faction in the world. As of its release, the game has the Chinese language in default leaving non-Chinese speaking players asking whether it has an English option.

Find out more about the English translation in The Lost Village in this article.

Will There Be English Translation? – Find Out!

 At present, the games interface is set in Chinese which renders some potential players who do not understand the language left out of all the stuff this new game has to offer.

In the demo mode, although English is available in the options, the game does not seem to run in the English language.

Despite having all the descriptions on Steam in English, the game only runs in Chinese language, much to the dismay of non-Chinese fans. However, the devs assured that in 2 months, the English version will be available.

Let’s hold on to that thought and explore the game when language barriers are lifted.

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