Do you like using a controller when you play racing games?

Trail Out is an interesting arcade racing game with its sights set on heavy destruction and carnage. The game has seen massive success and has been pulling players from everywhere but with everything new confusion arises. The confusion this time is if players are able to use a controller or not, don’t worry we will tell you in this article.

Stick around and hold on to your joysticks!

Does it Support Controllers? (Find Out!) – Trail Out

As of now, Trail Out does not support controllers, so you will not be able to just plug in your controller yet, but there is still hope because one of the developers have reached out in a steam discussion regarding this topic stating:

“Hey, yes, very soon we’ll add key remapping.”

The developer in question is Johann Hirsch. This means that we will see full controller support with the addition of the ability to remap your controls.

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