Check out the latest Trove of Crystals event for Dying Light 2!

The newest Trove of Crystals Event has been added to Dying Light 2. This event will take place in the game for 4 days, starting from the 5th till the 9th of May. A great event where you will complete different challenges and obtain high-quality rare loot.
Check out the latest news on the Trove of Crystals Weekend Event for Dying Light 2!

Trove of Crystals Weekend Event: Dying Light 2

This event will give the player higher chances to obtain regular and higher tier crystals when they enter dark zones.

These dark zones will be located inside buildings, they are bunkers with a ladder attached to them, you will simply need to drop down and explore.

When you enter these areas, you’d normally find boulders that you can break by interacting with them and obtaining crystals. Take advantage of this event and win as many high-quality crystals as possible!

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