Trying to see if helmets are going to be added in Wartales? Check out the latest updates about helmets in Wartales.

Wartales is an open world strategy RPG that will lead you across the medieval universe. In this game, you can complete missions and capture points to become stronger and fight against different opponents. Completing missions for the game is key to becoming stronger and earning more resources!

In this text, you will be able to find out if helmets are going to be added to Wartales!

Will Helmets be Added to the Game? (Find Out!) – Wartales

A medieval game with warriors and swordsmen is supposed to be filled with different sets of equipment that will protect each character and make them look unique on the battlefield.

Unfortunately, helmets in Wartales have not been added yet and players seem to be noticing this problem and want helmets to be added to the game just so they can have more things to think about, protect their characters and have overall more fun in this game.

There has not been an official statement from the developers of Wartales about helmets, but players continue to give positive feedback if helmets get added to the game.

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