Looking for a new Gaming Desk that can offer comfort, cool design and warmth? You are in the right place because MARS Gaming Desk from the Cougar line is all of that in one.

Choosing the right gaming desk can be tricky sometimes. Right?

Cougar MARS PRO Gaming Desk, with its unique look, may offer you different experiences and will serve you for other activities and not just gaming. Yes! Not only that you can use it as a game desk but it’s also a great place where you can accomplish all of your work activities and not get any back pains.

Cougar: MARS Gaming Desk Review

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1. Design

It’s highly ergonomic designed, made of high-strength steel and has plenty of space to place your screens and other electronic devices, which we know can be difficult to fit in just one desk.

Well, that’s not a problem when it comes to the MARS PRO GD because it can hold 150 kg.

Image Source: COUGAR

What’s specific about this gaming desk it’s the side-placed controlling stands you can easily control your PC, plug in a USB or even connect some other devices to the desk, without the need for extra cables.

Image Source: COUGAR

Despite all of that, the biggest reason why a fell for this desk is the ambient lights. They are SOO COOL!

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And not only that they can change themselves but as well they are compatible with motherboards’ 5V connection with Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync, and AS Rock Polychrome Sync for system-wide lighting synchronization.

Image Source: COUGAR

You can control the lighting with the motherboard application software without the need of using other additional programs.

2. Endurance

Because of the high-strength steel, Cougar MARS is very stable and you can place many devices that weigh together a maximum of 150 kg.

It has a gaming service about of 59 inches wide and carbon texture which offers you enough space for gaming and working as well.

 They have different models and they are constructed by the height and length that it’s a great comfortable fit for all body types.

Image Source: COUGAR

Even if that’s not your perfect height, MARS PRO 150 you get to move the desk to 3 different levels which means you can choose the level that will fit you the most.

3. Mobility And Weight

Because of the different features and thing that makes this desk different it weighs a little more than the other desks, but although it’s easily moveable.

MARS Gaming Desk weight from 31 to a maximum of 41 kg.

4. Warranty And Return Policy

When it comes to the regular MARS desks they offer a one-year warranty.

They have as well 2-Year Warranty (for electric parts) and a 5-Year Warranty for lifting columns. Because it’s a long period they tend to stay behind the product quality.

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They don’t have a specific not when it comes to returning policy, but according to some of the information on their website they are open to hearing if you have any double thoughts and help you fix your problem.

Is Courage MARS Desk Worth it?

If we take all of the advantages this desk offer, like space, comfort, flexibility and great design, these desks are totally worth the price.

Image Source: COUGAR

After checking the online comments and backups about these desks there are only positive thoughts and pleased customers who are sharing great experiences after buying this desk.

Cougar MARS Gaming Desk it’s every gamer’s desire and one of the best products now available on the market.