Scorpion (IW-SK) Gaming Chair – Review 2023

Something different, unique and practical, that has taken over many gaming areas!

The IW-SK Gaming chair, also known as the Scorpion chair (in CLUVENS collection) is an agile, adjustable, comfortable and designed gaming space where you can create your stories.

Choosing a comfortable gaming sport is every gamer’s dream, and on top of that if that looks luring and practical is a full aim and a must-have product.

Do the previous words describe the IW-SK chair? Well, after doing some research here`s what I`ve discovered.

Read this article to the end to get discounts from the official manufacturers of the Scorpion Gaming Chair. (Special coupon code at end!)

Scorpion (IW-SK) Gaming Chair Review 2023

Official Website & Pricing

Make some extra space the Scorpion is about to come.

You can order this chair from the official Imperator Site, where despite this unique design you may find other alternatives if this one is heavy for your budget.

I have bumped around different retail stores, but I suggest ordering it from the official site if possible because of the security and warranty that comes directly from the brand company.

The price is spicy, but if we calculate the benefits and the replacement of 3 gaming parts with one it all comes acceptable in the end.

You got a sitting spot, monitor spot and side desk spots. All that for one price.

Imperator Works Price:

  • Regular – $4.199
  • With the current discount (use coupon code: SK200) – $3.799


  • Regular – $3.899
  • With the current discount – of $3.799

IW-SK Cahir & Specifications

They are really alike to me. Both of these brands are making these chairs with the purpose to make multiple functional products. Different from the IW-SK chairs, CLUVENS Scorpion is made to hold multiple screens on the same platform.

So If you`re looking for that specifications then consider this note.

Scorpion chairs are one of the items that is reflecting the future and describe the upcoming simple working and gaming areas.

Mostly made of stable steel, adjustable parts and back-supportive structure will take care of your health problems, which we all have after a long gaming night.


  • Steel
  • Electrical Tilting
  • Led/RGB Lighting
  • Audio System
  • Accessories
  • Comfortable Surface –leather and comfortable texture

Multiple functions are available, and different setting modes, so you can choose between different positions and select your best fit.

The lighting and audio system, are extra beneficial items that are part of this structured chair that will take care of your further and deeper gaming experience.


  • Manual Push for Opening/closing
  • Monitor platform (adjustable distance 27’’ to 34’’)
  • Control for arms up and legs resting platform
  • Keyboard Tray (20 cm distance range), adjustable with 8’’ distance range (swivel up to 240°, 170° flat supportive position,
  • In Total dimensions: 65″D x 44″W x 45″H
  • Weight Limit: 275 lbs max (125kg)
  • User Height Limit: 6’5”
  • 2-year warranty

Installing the chair will take around 3 hours, which isn’t really much time. Once you start the program running the chair will start functioning.

There are mostly positive comments and customer feedback, but one thing I noticed is the lack of additional TLC. Despite that, every penny is worth it, because they have taken care of every detail you can think of.


What is a Scorpion Gaming Chair?

Multiple optional spots, where you`ll get the opportunity to connect, create, work and play. It`s called a scorpion because we all know how many pins they have and what can they do.

Can I Get The Scorpion Chair From Other Resell Sites?

As I`ve previously mentioned, they are available on different sites, on Amazon as well. Even for a shockingly lower price than the original Imperator Price.

However, I suggest ordering from the official site if possible, because that way you will be 100% sure that you`re paying for the right quality you`ve ordered.

Which Companies Produce The Best Scorpion Chairs?

Imperator Works & CLUVENS are my idols from this category.

The IW-SK is the main name of the chair invented by Imperator Works, on the other hand, CLUVENS are using the scorpion word present the purpose of the product directly. Just in case you got confused.

The variety of ideas they have discovered, with presenting and working on the multiple-function mind-blowing, useful, practical and COOL!

Pros & Cons

👍High-quality gaming/working platform👎Pricier
👍Adjustable👎There are other options to consider
👍Healthy distances 
👍Back support 
👍2-year warranty 
👍Free shipping for some areas 
👍Accessories and a big organized area 

Is The IW-SK (Scorpion) Chair Worth Buying?

If you`re looking for a whole new gaming spot, then definitively YES!

Price aside, this platform and movable space will offer privacy, comfort and a relaxing atmosphere because you won`t need to lay to the front.

The only task you`ll get after you buy this chair is to fill the empty spaces, start the chair program and start working or enjoying your current game.

Hope this review helped you to make up your mind and decide to renew your gaming space. Enjoy and stay tuned for more interesting products that will freshen up your room!

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