This guide will teach you which things to avoid in My Time At Sandrock!

My Time at Sandrock is a complex builder game that will require you to make different choices for specific situations. Sometimes these choices will not work out as planned and you may end up in a messy situation. Before starting the game, its best to know some things that you should avoid as you progress through it.

This guide will show you 8 things that you need to avoid in My Time at Sandrock.

My Time At Sandrock: 8 Things to Avoid

Advice #1: Don’t Forget To Check Your Machines

It’s very important to check your machines every morning to see how much fuel and water has left in them.

That’s a good thing to do because if you start traveling across the map, and you haven’t enough necessities that can cost you some time.

Advice #2: Include Yourself In NPCs’ Conversations

Not very important but some time can save you from danger or you will be able to hear some interesting conversation. Don’t miss the news, it can benefit you sometimes.

Advice #3: Wednesday And Friday Are For Fang Clinic Experiments

Go to watch his experiments, especially when you have a crush on him. This will for sure increase your relationship status.

Be aware of the fact that you got limits on how clinical trials you can do per week.

Advice #4: Watch Out For Your Work Shop Rankings

Sometimes can be very difficult to approach all the given responsibilities, like talking with the NPCs, everyday activities, or other given stuff and you might miss the right number of what commissions you have already selected.

Don’t let some of the commission dates expire and use them wisely.

Advice #5: Every Day Check The Salvage Yard

Paying 200 goals per week shouldn’t be your only reason to check the SY, you need to do that every day.

This can help you to find some data disks that will be used in the research center, without the need to dive into the garbage.

Advice #6: Take Extra Food

You will need this one to increase your stamina and your health, especially when you are on the beach.

Don’t even think and always fill up your backpack, because without high health and enough stamina you can’t even do the basic work.

Advice #7: Craft the Resource Into an Item

Especially when you have sufficient of crafting materials. This is really important to get extra coins because some of the crafted items are more than the sum of their parts.

Advice #8: Don’t Challenge Battles When You Aren’t Ready

Save yourself from heartbreak, because if you lose the battle you will lose the relationship.

That can hit hard.

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