9 Years of Shadows: Can You Play on Controller? – Find Out!

Can you play 9 Years of Shadows using a controller on your PC? Find out in this guide!

Play as Europa, a young warrior accompanied by her ghostly childhood companion, Apino on a quest to enter the mechanical giant Talos to bring back colors to the once colorful hand-crafted world of darkness in 9 Years of Shadows! This indie Metroidvania action-adventure game was brought to you by Halberd Studios and Freedom Games.

These types of games are best played with controllers. So, does 9 Years of Shadows have controller support? Continue reading this guide to find out!

9 Years of Shadows: Can You Play on Controller? – Find Out!

One of the 9 Years of Shadows developers has confirmed that the game has controller support. Although this has been confirmed, some players are encountering issues when they try to use their controllers.

If neither of these two works – plugged in or Bluetooth, immediately report it to the developers so that they can fix the issue.

As the game is just a demo version, it is highly understandable that issues are encountered when playing the game. But you don’t have to worry as the developers are very hands-on in responding to queries and issues through Steam Discussions.

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