Ever wondered how long it takes to finish 9 Years of Shadows? Certainly not 9 years! Check this out!

9 Years of Shadows is a side-scrolling Metroidvania that follows the story of Europa, a brave warrior who is determined to conquer Talos and put an end to corruption that robbed the land of color before it swallows the whole world in darkness. Europa’s ultimate goal is to enter the castle, find the source of corruption and return the color once and for all.

This article will cover how long it takes to finish 9 Years of Shadows.

How Long To Beat The Game? – Find Out!

9 Years of Shadows run for about 4-5 hours of gameplay. With its notably good features, 9 Years of Shadows offers a short-time commitment for a full experience with this game duration.

However, as a disclaimer, 4-5 hours of gameplay means best-case non-speedrunning scenario where you beat the game when you already know it. Depending on each player, the time it takes to finish the game actually varies.

From the developers themselves, in terms of room count, power-up count, and the number of bosses that you can encounter, the game takes so much likeness to Super Metroid. According to them, the average playtime is between 8-10 hours.

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