Souldiers: A Reddish Blade Side Quest Guide

Having troubles completing the “A Reddish Blade” side quest in Souldiers? Check out this guide!

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Souldiers is a great retro 2D game with a ton of quests and puzzles that you can progress through. Solving these puzzles may lead you to a secret area that is filled with great loot. Progressing some of the quests will also require you to solve certain rooms and continue going forward!

This guide will show you how to complete “A Reddish Blade” side quest in Souldiers.

Souldiers: A Reddish Blade Side Quest Guide

To begin this quest, you will need to talk to “Sinka” in Hafin City after finishing the Great Pyramid Dungeon.

The quest will take you on a journey towards the Great Pyramid area. In there you must travel to the Great Corredor and look for Garnerock.

Garnerock can be found in the sand on the left side of your Great Corredor checkpoint, simply go to that area and examine the sand to get the item. Obtaining the item will complete the quest.

With the item obtained, you must travel back to Hafin City and return back to Sinka. Speak with Sinka and complete the quest which will also reward you with Garnerock Chakram.

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