AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative: Case Closed: Amame’s Actions Trophy Guide

Time to get some trophies! This guide will show you how to get the Amame’s Action Trophy for successfully closing a case in Al: THE SOMNIUM FILES!

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After getting the collectibles, you’ll need to solve the case that’s upon you in Amame’s Somnium. To be done with that ASAP you’ll need to collect several objects and evidence and get some things done as well. In the following text from the guide, you can see how to take the actions in the right order. Well, this will for sure save your time and give you the ability to go and visit the other locations that this game has.

Case Closed: Amame’s Actions Trophy Guide – AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative

Get The Rope

Once you’re there the rope will be on the ground from your left side. Take it and use it like the second picture is suggesting you.

Check Camera Tripod

Next, turn on your right side and get closer to investigate the camera tripod put on the floor as well.

Check The Electric Kettle

One more thing to get from here. That’s the electric kettle. You’ll have use of that too.

Search And Enter The West Door

Time to collect some prints. Once you’re done with the electric cattle turn one more time right and get the food prints that are on the door.

Once you get them, you’ll enter the door and you’ll have a short video about the case.

Teleport Yourself

Next, go back to the room where you’ve started and teleport yourself backstage through the billboard shown in the following picture.

Go To The Black Masked Spy

Directly go next to the black-dressed man standing in between the group of people and click the set button.

Get The Amame’s Action Trophy

Once you have done all of the written steps, and the game-story video is done you will get your trophy.

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