Let’s find out How to Change Cursor Icon in Alina of the Arena!

Alina of the Arena is a newly released roguelike deckbuilding tactics game in which you play as a gladiator who is fighting for its survival. As it’s known, every game has its own cursor but not all of them are that good and visible, and during playing the game you might get lost where you are clicking with the cursor because it is small or has a weird design of pointing.

If you have a problem with the cursor icon in Alina of the Arena, then this is the perfect guide for you that will show you how to change the Cursor Icon. Let’s get started!

How To Change Cursor Icon – Alina of the Arena

In a fast game with lots of clicking and buttons, you might bet lost and do plenty of misclicks because of a bad or not vivid cursor icon.

Yes, it is so frustrating and might cost you losing a battle in the game, but don’t worry because you are not the only one who has this issue and there is a solution on how to change the Cursor Icon in Alina of the Arena.

You can use a mod that will change your cursor icon according to your liking. If you go to the official Steam community site for Alina of the Arena, in the Items section, you can find some of the mouse cursor mods that you can use in the game.

For more info, you can check directly on the weblink below:


All of the mods are free and you can use them in the game and never lose track what you are clicking during the battles and make your game even more enjoyable.

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