Check out all the Demolisher mutations in Dying Light 2!

Dying Light 2 is a game where a broken-down island is filled with monsters that will attack you. Your job is to survive and kill everything that stands in your way. The Demolishers are unique bosses who can mutate and get even stronger. They stand out from the group of regular monsters.

This guide will show you all the Demolisher Mutations in Dying Light 2!

All Demolisher Mutations: Dying Light 2

Red Demolisher

This mutation turns him red with a lot of rocks and spikes coming out of his body. This mutation makes the Demolisher strong and he will constantly throw boulders at you.

Mutation 2

The first mutation of the Demolisher covers him in rotten flesh and he slowly begins to evolve spikes around his right shoulder, slowly appearing bigger.

His attacks are stronger than the previous mutation, and he now slams the ground and creates a line of shock wherever he attacks. This mutation also can charge at you.

Mutation 3

In the third mutation, you can clearly see that the Demolisher is getting bigger and forming a body. Hair will begin to come from his head, his body will be covered in more flesh and a few rocks can be seen attached to his back.

This mutation is stronger than the previous one, he can also pick up boulders from the ground and throw them at you.

Another unique attack that this mutation can do is hit the ground with his fist and create shockwaves that will damage you if you are close enough.

Mutation 4

This last mutation looks similar to the previous one, not many changes have been made with his looks.

This is simply a stronger variant of the third mutation.

This mutation has more health and increased damage, it will also charge at you more often.

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