Let’s find out How to Sharpen your Sword in Anvil Saga!

Anvil saga is a management sim with RPG elements where you take control of a blacksmith shop amidst the Hundred Year’ War. Each decision you make impacts the story and gameplay. The main goal in the game is to turn your store into a successful enterprise in a challenging and changing world. Crafting is one of the most crucial actions that players are going to work on.

In this guide, we will show you How to Sharpen your Sword in Anvil Saga!

How to Sharpen your Sword – Anvil Saga

There are lots of items and materials in the game which are required for every specific crafting in the game. There are many tools that you will need to take care of your weapons and gear.

One of the questions of the players was how to sharpen their weapons.

It is actually so simple. The first thing is to build a Workshop, where you will need an additional grindstone and a table.

Once you have them, you will be able to do that type of job and at the same time upgrade your stall, then you are able to sharpen your sword and any other weapons.

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