Anvil Saga: How to Upgrade a Stall

Time to find out how you can upgrade a Stall in Anvil Saga!

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Anvil saga is a management sim with RPG elements where you take control of a blacksmith shop amidst the Hundred Year’ War. Each decision you make impacts the story and gameplay. The main goal in the game is to turn your store into a successful enterprise in a challenging and changing world. Having a stall and upgrading it will be helpful in achieving more goals and getting overall better!

This guide will show you how to upgrade a stall in Anvil Saga!

Anvil Saga: How to Upgrade a Stall – Anvil Saga

To upgrade your stall, you will need to open up the room construction menu and press the “+” icon that is on top of the stall.

The hotkey for the construction menu by default is set to “Q”. Once you press it, the whole screen will turn blue and you will have some small options to choose from, including the little + icon that is for the stall.

And just like that, you can upgrade your stall in Anvil Saga!

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