Check out the top 10 Tips & Tricks for Apex Legends Mobile!

Apex Legends Mobile is a great FPS game with fast movements. This game offers a ton of fun by giving you a great variety of weapons and game mechanics that you can use against other players. A team-based game where you must strategize your moves to ensure that you will get to the first place and become the Apex Champion!

This guide will show you the top 10 Tips & Tricks for Apex Legends Mobile!

Apex Legends Mobile: 10 Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Stay with your Team

Going somewhere alone will get you killed easily. This is a team-based game and you will need to always stay together with your mates and give each other information on where the others may be.

Play in First Person Mode

Play in this game in first-person mode because there are a lot of new events that will only be available from a first-person perspective. It is much harder to play this game in third person due to the fast movements and abilities.


Each Apex Legend can climb much higher than regular shooter games. This gives you the ability to climb to high-to-reach areas and kill players.

Be careful that other players can use this mechanic against you too.

Follow the 60/40% Rule

The 60/40% rule is where you are always staying behind cover, or close to cover. This rule will help you stay alive for much longer and can sometimes annoy players and make them angry. It can lure them into a great trap.

60% is where you are outside and exposed to shots, the other 40% is where you are close to cover so you can immediately hide and heal up.


There is a great slide mechanic in Apex Legends Mobile where you need to sprint and press the crouch button. This will make you slide for a much greater distance.

With this mechanic you are able to surprise your enemies and have a smaller hit-box, giving you better chances of winning every fight.


Many FPS players love the ADS method of shooting. Do note that Hipfire shooting is great for close-distance fights and will guarantee you better chances of winning.

With Hipfire you can strafe much faster and aim around the area quicker than using ADS shooting.

Always Have Full Health/Armor

Whenever you are not in a fight and looting different areas, pop a syringe or a shield cell to heal up, you may never know when a team can show up and attack you.

Even try to heal up sometimes when you are in a middle of a fight. Just make sure that your teammates are not suffering much and you can guarantee yourself that you will not get knocked down.

Compass System

The Compass System in the game is very important for communicating with your teammates on where enemies may be, or where a shootout is happening.

Telling someone that they are on the left or the right will not give your teammates any info on where the enemy is. Try using the numbers you see on the top border of the screen to give out info.

Use Pings

Make sure to use the pinging system in-game. There are different types of pings that can quickly give out information on what you are about to do or what is happening in a certain area.

Simply look at the area where you want to ping and send out a ping.

Set Your Favorite Sensitivity

Setting up your sensitivity to your best liking will improve your play style and increase your performance. Set up the right sensitivity for shooting and test how you will perform in the Training Grounds.

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