Apex Legends Mobile: Movement Guide

Check out the Movement in Apex Legends Mobile!

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Apex Legends finally has been released for mobile and has been attracting a lot of new players. Now Apex Legends veterans and newbies have a chance to experience the mobile gameplay. Switching from PC to mobile may be a bit difficult. Also, it is hard for a new mobile player to get used to the fast-paced movement mechanics of Apex Legends Mobile,

In this guide, we will show you the Movement in Apex Legends Mobile!

Apex Legends Mobile: Movement Guide

Basic Sliding

If you ever played Apex Legends on PC or Console and slid down a hill, you know that you can pretty much slide as long as you want, obviously, it doesn’t work on upward slopes or level ground, but it definitely does work on any downward slope that you’ll find in the game like hills, stairs and anything like that.

Mini Pathfinder & Octane Tips

If you main the pathfinder, you will see that grapple works the same way that it does in COD mobile except it’s even more overpowered. The grapple will be your best friend in gunfire and it will be also a great way to just fly and move around the map.

Octane legend also uses a stim and a launchpad which both are extremely good ways to move across the map. The stim does take a tiny bit of health, but it is worth it because you move way faster.

Sliding Backwards

You can slide backward while doing it upward, or downwards or you can do this on level ground. Press the crouch button but move backward.

Wall Bouncing

You can actually bounce off walls in this game. You just have to climb the wall, and once you get a decent height on the wall spam the jump button, then you will see that you will boost off of the wall backward. You can also jump off the wall, boost backward and slide all at the same time. It is an amazing way to confuse your enemy.

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