Aquatico: Beginner Guide

If you are new to Aquatico, then you have to check this guide out!

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Aquatico is a brand-new colony simulator which was just released in January 12. In this game, you will be building an underwater city for humanity to thrive deep down in the ocean floor.

In this beginner’s guide, we will cover the basic stuff in Aquatico.

Beginner Guide – Aquatico

First of all, you will need to come up with a name for your colony, and select a banner that would represent it.

The banner can be personalized into the color of your liking. Once all that identity matters have been set up, you need to select a map in which you will build your colony.

Just a brief background of the storyline, humanity has become a very advanced civilization that is ready for a glorious space age before disaster struck and forced them to retire underwater.

So, after choosing your map, you can now select a location in which you will start your subsurface colony.

In the map, green represents anything that’s abundant of food, and orange represents crude oil reserves.

Basically, you will want to be around these two valuable resources as you start out with your colony.

In terms of resources, the most important and critical ones that you need to manage include food, oxygen, fuel, oil, and electricity since these are essential for survival as well as the production of some basic resource as building blocks.

Some of these secondary resources include plastic, iron, and sponge. These are all crucial for early game research and upkeep.

Up next is the population count which tells you how many people or colony members you have. There can be humans and drones in the colony. Drones do much of the work but you have to have a balance of both humans and drones. Of course, each has their own necessities that need to be constantly available.

That is it for now in this beginner’s guide to Aquatico. Tune in for more guides in our website!

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