Check out all the newest feature in Arma Reforger!

Arma Reforger is a shooter game where you are a soldier and your duty is to complete objectives and get the best performance out of your character. The earlier versions of this game have been a bad and not many features have been implemented. This version of Arma has gotten better and with a ton of new features.

Check out the newest features of Arma Reforger.

Arma Reforger: Newest Added Features

Improved Dynamic Lighting

The lighting particles have been overall updated and players can now see much better when its dark time, or when they are located in shady areas with a lot of shadows.

Distant Shadows

Shadow effects have been improved a lot. Shadows can now be visible from much further than usual.


Mantling in this game means that characters are now able to climb much better to higher and more complex areas. Different movement animations have been added. This will give the game a good feel for mobility.

Camera Shoulder Swap

Players are now able to aim and lean either on the right or left side while aiming. This gives them better FOV and helps them keep cover.

Improved Dynamic Lighting

Dynamic Lighting is good if you want to have an overall better feel for the game. Moving shadows from objects or players react much better now.

Improved Bullet Penetration

Bullets can now penetrate through more realistic areas and kill other players.

Improved Weather Effects

Weather effects such as rain and sun have been improved to have higher quality particles and splash effects.

Melee Damage & Multiple Primary Weapons

Melee Damage has been improved. The damage and animation itself have been improved. There is also an extra slot so players can carry more primary weapons.

Improved Animations

Animations overall have been improved. Reloading, movement, climbing and all other smaller movement animations have been improved so they are more realistic and smoother.

Improved Sounds

The shooting sounds of each weapon have been improved. Each weapon now has its own sound effect once fired.

Pip Scopes

Picture in Picture scopes have been improved and you are not able to see things clearly.

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