Bear and Breakfast: How to Split Item Stacks

Having giant stacks of items in your inventory and want to split them? Check out this guide to find out how you can do it!

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Bear and Breakfast is an amazing cartoon game that allows you to explore the open world while managing resorts. In this game, you are a bear where you need to satisfy your customers with their needs and build yourself the best franchise that you can in the forest. The materials can be obtained while exploring the forest and collecting materials from it!

This guide will show you how to split item stacks in half in Bear and Breakfast.

How to Split Item Stacks – Bear and Breakfast

As you wander around the forest and collect different materials, you will notice that your inventory keeps stacking up with different items. And sometimes, you want to leave half of these items in your resort in a chest to keep them safe.

To split the item stack, simply hold down shift and click on the item to split the stack.

This method will allow you to have the item stack in half and have an equal number of it which is a great way to organize your items much better and keep some of them safe in your resort!

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