Lost your save file for Bed and Breakfast? Check out this guide to find out exactly where your save file location is!

Bear and Breakfast is an amazing cartoon game that allows you to explore the open world while managing resorts. In this game, you are a bear where you need to satisfy your customers with their needs and build yourself the best franchise that you can in the forest. The materials can be obtained while exploring the forest and collecting materials from it!

This guide will show you the save file location for Bear and Breakfast!

Save File Location – Bear and Breakfast

The game currently does not support cloud saving.
Cloud saving is online saving where you can freely save your game and load up the same save through your Steam account on different devices.

Bear and Breakfast is a brand new game and the save file location for that game can currently be found at this location:


Here, you will find the named file of your save and use it for many different reasons.

Developers have mentioned in forum posts that they are working on cloud saves and they will be added to the game very soon. Meaning that you won’t be needing to look for your save files anymore!

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