Beautiful Mystic Survivors – Prologue: Achievements & Rewards

Check out this guide to see all the achievements and rewards you can get in Beautiful Mystic Survivors - Prologue.

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Beautiful Mystic Survivors is a roguelite action game in which beautiful heroines fight hordes of monsters. Plan out strategic builds, make smart strategic decisions, level up your heroes, and kill your enemies by the dozens.

In this guide, we will be showing you all of its Achievements and Rewards. Let’s get started.

Achievements & Rewards – Beautiful Mystic Survivors – Prologue

Every game has its own achievement and rewards which will strive players to go after them even after completing the game. Beautiful Mystic Survivors is a game that is very fun and interesting, but its achievements aren’t very easy to achieve.

But everyone loves a challenge when it comes to achievements in games. They offer very good rewards which are why we recommend that you go after them.


These are all the Achievements in Beautiful Mystic Survivors:

  • Finders Keepers – you will need to Pickup 10 items from the ground
  • Eliminator – you will need to defeat a total of 100.000 enemies
  • Survive First – survive a total of 5 minutes with any possible character
  • Survive with Rosaline – survive a total of 16 minutes when playing as Rosaline
  • Survive with Cassandra – survive a total of 16 minutes when playing as Cassandra
  • Survive with Ciara – survive a total of 16 minutes when playing as Ciara
  • Survive with Isaya – survive a total of 16 minutes when playing as Isaya


  • Evil Eye
  • Max Health
  • Protector Shield
  • Holy Pendant
  • Ice Staff

That’s all the rewards and achievements that you are able to get when playing the Beautiful Mystic Survivors Prologue. We hope that this guide has helped you out and given you all the information you need. Good luck achieving them all!

  • Chakram